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Houston helps you grow, engage, and learn from your early adopter email list, so you can launch a winning product.

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"Am I building something my audience really wants, and is willing to pay for?"

If you've ever launched a product (or you're in the process of launching one now), then you know how rare it is for a week (maybe even a day) to pass without this thought crossing your mind at least once.

The fact is, it’s difficult to determine whether you’re actually building something your early audience wants.

After all, you likely don't know:

  • ? What specific problems your early audience is trying to solve
  • ? What their vision of a successful solution looks like
  • ? What they might be willing to pay for that solution

You're busy trying to build and launch a product, right? You don't have time to manually reach out to each individual person. So, like so many founders before you, instead of reaching out to your early audience, you make some reasonable assumptions and get back to working on your product.

The problem is, when the day arrives to finally tell everyone that you've gone live, they don’t even remember you...

Think of all that time, effort, money, and passion you put into building your product, generating interest, and growing your pre-launch email list. Only to find out on launch day that your potential early adopters are unengaged, unqualified and uninterested.


Houston, we have a problem!

(sorry, we had to...)

Your pre-launch email list should be a gold mine of customer insights and potential Day-1 sign-ups. You just need a better way to tap into it!


So, how about this...

Home viral signup form

A viral sign up form to help you build a bigger audience.

Easily customize and embed your own pre-launch signup form. Encourage new members to share with their friends in return for early access to your product.

  • Customize the form to fit your website colors
  • Embedding is as easy as copy and paste
  • Encourage referrals with social sharing options
Home campaign steps

A drip email queue to engage your audience and stay top of mind.

Create a series of short weekly emails to keep your audience engaged. Stay top of mind so they don’t forget about you!

  • Send great looking emails without messy code
  • Set your emailing schedule once and forget it
  • Easily track open and response rates
Home question email

Email micro-surveys to learn from your early adopters and validate your assumptions.

Let your early audience act as a sounding board to help guide your product and business decisions before you launch.

  • Increase response rates with single question surveys
  • Recipients can respond with one click, right in the email
  • Use feedback to spark further conversations and interviews

If that sounds good,
here's how you get started!

Home install form

Embed your form

Install a signup form on your website (or link Houston to an existing form) to automatically add visitors to your campaign.

Home add questions

Add questions

Build a collection of survey questions to gather information from your pre-launch audience.

Home setup queue

Setup your queue

Add messages to your drip email queue and attach a question to each message.

Home houston works

Houston goes to work

Houston keeps your launch list engaged and sends you a consistent stream of early adopter feedback.

Don’t launch blind.
Launch with Houston.

Let Houston help you learn more about your early adopters and validate your product, while you focus on building and promoting it.

$25 per month after a 14 day free trial.