Decorate Finished Basement Designs

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Cute Finished Basement Designs

Finished basement designs – Decorate your finished basement in a retro diner style. Cover the floor with black and white checkered tile or linoleum, reminiscent of a 1950s diner. A bar with a black or red vinyl top with chrome. Look for retro-style bar stools, tables, chairs and booths from dealers specializing in vintage or reproduction furniture. Choose a comfortable, mid-century modern couch and at least two chairs fill the space. Frame record covers and hang them on the wall, or cover the space behind the bar with the actual vinyl records.

Frame vintage photos of your hometown or family to decorate the room. Each 1950s style diner needs a jukebox. Search renovated jukeboxes from dealers around the country, or chooses a new jukebox designed to fit your theme. Or you can also decorate your finished basement designs with old Hollywood media room themed. Create a media room in a finished basement that screams old Hollywood. Place a projection TV at the front of the room with comfortable leather recliners in rows forward. You can build platform flooring to make elevated rows of seating.

Or arrange the chairs, so they do not impede individual views on the screen. Cover concrete walls with dark, rich curtains. Hang chandeliers dripping with crystals over the seating area. The crystal sconces on the walls between the curtains add to the drama of the room. If you have room, add a bar in one of the back corners. Cover the front of the bar with mirrors to reflect the room. Hang framed movie posters or mirrored shelves behind the bar. And now, time to relax the finished basement designs.

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