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Leaks in your swimming pool skimmer will feature general and specific symptoms that will help identify this as a problem. First you need to consider the most common location for your pool skimmer to leak. The most common leaks point in the skimmer is the connection where the pipe fills the port at the bottom of the skimmer. This leak will initially be difficult to provide your pool pump. In addition the bubbles in the circulation system will be common and you will see this in the glass of sight from the pool pump, and also often out of the back line in the pool.

The next most common point of leakage in the swimming pool skimmer is the internal gap that has been developed from the water in the freezing of the skimmer. A close visual examination will reveal this gap. Using the special two-part epoxy to enhance this kind of crack is a good solution and not a bigger job to move and replace the entire skimmer. The vinyl layer skimmer will often leak through the compression gasket and faceplate due to improper installation, the wear gasket or loose screw on the front plate. The leakage skimmer gasket symptom is the rusting of the galvanized steel wall around the mouth of the skimmer. This often causes corrosive staining on the faceplate and mouth of the skimmer.

Concrete swimming pool skimmer often experience leakage in the connection where the concrete pool fills the mouth of the skimmer. The skimmer itself in a concrete pool buried in solid concrete is usually three feet thick to help prevent potentially loss of water. Quick and easy check for water leaks in this location is by tapping the bottom of the skimmer’s mouth with your fingers. Sound and taste must be completely solid indicating that concrete covers the entire skimmer. After leakage develops in this area, waterways will slowly release mortars and leave only sandy and crushed sand. If your skimmer has holes at the bottom of the mouth then you will definitely have a leak located here.

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