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Embedding a Houston form

Installing the Houston form on your website lets you capture the email address of new visitors to your website and automatically add them to your launch campaign.

Start by inserting your unique javascript snippet (similar to below) before the closing </head> tag on your website.

<script src='//[EXAMPLE].js'></script>
Finish by pasting the following code snippet within the <body> of your page, wherever you want the form to appear.
<div class=’houston-container’></div>

Optional: If you're installing the form in a narrow area on your website, you'll probably want to add a 'stacked' class next to the 'houston-container' class. This will force the form to display in a vertical layout.

Customizing your form

You can customize your web form to fit the look and feel of your website, with these four settings:

  • Button background – this color will only affect the submit button on your web form.
  • Button text color – the font color of your button text.
  • Button text – for example: submit, sign-up, join, etc.
  • Email field hint – placeholder text for your email field.

Adding questions

Questions set the groundwork for all of the feedback you receive through Houston. You can create unlimited micro-survey questions and include them, one-by-one, in emails to your pre-launch audience.

We’ve provided a few questions to get your started, but you can create your own by going to the Questions page and clicking the green button at the top right corner of your screen.

Need some inspiration? Click here for a bunch of great question ideas!

Help add question

Open-ended questions

If you don’t add multiple choice answers, your question will be sent as open-ended and recipients will click a button to submit their written answer through a simple web form.

Multiple Choice Questions

To add multiple choice answers, click “Add a Response Option”. You can adjust the order of your responses by clicking and draging the left arrow icon.

Including ‘Other’

If you want to include ‘Other’ as a multiple choice answer, just select the “Include Other?” check-box. When recipients choose this option they are directed to a simple page where they can send a custom response.

Reviewing questions and feedback

For each question you add, a card will appear on your Questions page showing details like:

  • Current response rate
  • Most recent response (on open-ended questions)
  • Total responses for each answer (on multiple choice questions)
  • Team member who created it
  • Date it was created

Help question card

You can click the bolded question on the card to see all the responses in greater detail and some additional stats as well. You can also make changes to your question from this page by clicking the “Edit” link in the top right corner.

Creating your drip email queue

Houston lets you create your own drip email sequence to keep your audience engaged prior to your launch. You can also include micro-surveys in each message to learn more about your early adopters.

We provide a few messages to help get you started, but you can visit your Queue to start adding your own.

Help add message

Setting your email schedule

Once you're happy with the messages in your queue, you can choose the frequency that they should be sent.

By default, your contacts will receive the first message in your queue immediately after they subscribe (you can toggle this off if you want to though). After the initial message, your schedule determines how often your subscribers hear from you.

For example, if you set your schedule for 11AM on Tuesdays (which is the default), your typical subscriber will receive:

  • Message #1 immediately after signing up
  • Message #2 on the next Tuesday at 11AM
  • Message #3 on the following Tuesday at 11AM
  • And so on...

Using the leaderboard

Every Houston account comes equipped with a leaderboard system that's designed to incentivize your subscribers to provide more feedback and refer more of their peers. Every time a subscriber answers a question or successfully refers someone, they receive points and move up your leaderboard.

The leaderboard is displayed to your subscribers on the thank-you page (after they respond to one of your questions):

Help thank you leaderboard

And your subscribers will also see a short message at the bottom of each email (if it includes a micro-survey) that explains how many points they’ll earn for responding.

Help leaderboard points email

By default your subscribers will receive 5 points for answering a question and 20 points for every referral that successfuly signs up, however, you can adjust these values on your Settings page.

Help leaderboard points

Offering a perk

Houston lets you offer a custom perk to people on your leaderboard to increase the incentive for them to continue providing feedback and referring friends. You write a short message explaining the details of your offering and your audience sees it when they first signup and each time they respond to a question.

You can add your custom perk message under the ‘Leaderboard’ section on the ‘Settings’ page.