Hidden Swimming Pool Unique Treatment Covers

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Hidden Swimming Pool Modern

Hidden Swimming Pool – Pools are a lot of fun, shame they are not used all year round. The hidden pools are a solution for those people who regret not having space to build the much-desired pool and also for those who wish to take advantage of the pool space when it is not being used. Making a pool that stays hidden when it’s most convenient so it might be a good idea to take advantage of space or not have to worry so much about maintenance when it’s not being used.

These are the hidden pools. The hidden pools can be hidden below the floor of the room, and the push of a button the floor “sinks” creating an area already full of water for the residents. When the hidden swimming pool is replaced by a common floor, which is more fragile. It moves vertically, and cannot be used as a dance floor, party place or play area or gymnastics. The floor takes about 15 minutes to rise from the bottom level to the ground.

The water remains in the swimming pool to circulate through a filter system normally when the covers is activated. It is also possible to select the depth of the hidden swimming pool, making them suitable for children, hydrogymnastics sessions, hydrotherapy, and others. Some of the companies that carry out this type of project are HydroFloors and Guncast.

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