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Basement Window Well Covers Suspended

Basement Window Well Covers – When thinking about options for basement window coverings, one of the most important factors is light. Because basement windows are generally small and close to the ground, they do not stop as much light as larger windows at higher levels of your home. Avoid heavy window treatments, layered in a basement, these tend to appear oppressive. In a quick and easy way to create privacy while allowing light in your basement, cover the glass with an ice cream adhesive film.

Simply cut the film to place the basement window well covers remove the paper holder and glue the frozen film onto the clean window. If the bubbles are trapped underneath the film, prick the bubble with a pin and then flatten. Trex wood composite is highly resistant to moisture and basement walls have a tendency to have a slightly damp surface, making Trex a good candidate for basement windows cover. Install the top of the cover in the first window, 1/4 of an inch above the inside of the horizontally centered lip of the frame.

Nails to the frame basement window well covers with pin nails, one for every three inches. Tighten the two-piece side in place, so that the miter corners align with the ends of the top piece. The boards instead of nails with two nails, with a nail two inches from the Miter and the other three inches below the wood.

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