Rules For Install Basement Windows

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Basement Windows – Installing window in a basement can bring lights to otherwise dark areas. In this way, the space in the basement can be used more efficiently. Windows kit is available, which have the frames and windows already assembling, as well as the necessary mounting and installation elements. For the purpose of this article, we assume that there are already openings for basement windows. Therefore, the steps will cover only for window installation.

Instructions: Measure the existing window so that you know which window kit of size to buy. Measure carefully, so you can match the kit window size as close as possible to the opening. Record your measurements. Purchase the basement windows kits you need, in the sizes, you will need. if necessary, perform any necessary work to ensure that the windows you bought will fit the opening. This may include widening the opening a bit. Regardless of whether or not you have to make adjustments, clean and soften the opening so that the window fits as perfectly as possible.

Install a molding piece on the inside of the basement windows. This can be included with the kit, or you may need to build one of wood or metal. Work from the outside, adjust the frame to the molding and secure enough so it will remain in place. Insert material that allows expansion to the top of the window and seals all the way at the top of the window.

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