Special Use Rattan Patio Chairs

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Bar Rattan Patio Chairs

When we think of rattan patio chairs, the first idea that usually comes to mind is either an outdoor piece of furniture or some piece of field, rustic, old and cheap. However both are materials are increasingly used in interior design, as you will see in the amount of ideas to decorate that we propose in wicker and rattan for exterior and interior, with both economic and high design pieces.

Surely we all remember ever having gone summer in our childhood and find in rural craftsmen making baskets of wicker, bread baskets, mats or baskets of all kinds. And is that, in general, originally were prepared especially rattan patio chairs for use in the field. However, both materials have been evolving and adapting to our days giving rise to numerous furniture, designs and accessories.

As for the color , although we all imagine the rattan patio chairs pieces in beige or brown tones, the dyes have also come to them , giving rise to fun, playful and cheerful furniture. In fact, in floors or houses with very neutral tones it can be very interesting to place a chair, an armchair or an auxiliary table in wicker or rattan dyed in color to make contrast. Another option is to place cushions in bright colors on the wicker or rattan seats to give them a joyful touch.

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