Swimming Pool Steps Ideas For Comfortable And Safe Swimming Pools

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Swimming Pool Steps For Disabled

The swimming pool steps are a fundamental element in terms of functionality and safety. There is a wide range of swimming pool steps, which can generally be divided into two main groups: masonry and demountable stairs. Masonry ladders generally these steps are built together with the pool, however in some cases these elements are added at a later time.

The masonry stairs are a practical and comfortable solution. As besides being synonymous with safety, they can be used as a seat. There are different models of stairs, characterized by straight or rounded edges, as in the classic Roman style staircases. Some of these solutions include support bars. Removable swimming pool steps with this term we refer to ladders for swimming pools that can be installed at any time, quite simply and quickly.

The stainless steel swimming pool steps consist of two side bars and several steps. The main advantage of these models is represented by the simplicity of the installation and the quality of the material, characteristics that make these ladders resistant to the constant contact with the pool water. In addition, the market offers galvanized or lacquered steel ladders. However, these are lower quality solutions than stainless steel models.

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