Use Cool Blue Porch Light To Highlight Your Outdoor Space

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We recommend the first thing to be clear about which areas we want to highlight. Distribute the lighting of your garden or terrace by different points. So that it is well lit as a whole, or excesses, or areas of penumbra. Clearly indicates access to the door of your house, facilitating the arrival of your family and friends. Use blue porch light next to the door at a height that does not disturb the view with a white light of medium intensity.

Illumination of passage areas: It is essential to clearly indicate the paths in your garden, from the entrance to the house. Correct blue porch light avoids the danger of tripping or going through the wrong area. You can place half-height or recessed beacon lamps on the ground. Two perfect options to illuminate are the lamps with LED technology that we can have them all night lit without consuming or use presence detectors to activate when we pass.

Garden lighting: Highlight elements and highlight all the beauty of your garden. Use cool blue porch light and light your plants, trees, sculptures, etc. Facade lighting: Use direct or general lighting on the facade, highlighting elements that enhance the construction. You can use projectors,  wall lights  or stakes.

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